In association with Momentum Games, we are proud to announce the availability of "Meltdown" for iPhone™ and iPod® touch.

In Meltdown you play Emgee, the nuclear power station's safety control robot. You work inside the core reactors and ensure that they operate correctly. Unfortunately, the power stations are getting old and rusty and running into a poor state of repair making them increasingly hazardous places to work - far too dangerous for humans!

Your day starts badly when all 5 core reactors start to move towards meltdown! But what makes today a particularly bad day is that due to a malfunction, your legs won't stop moving! Bouncing into walls is your only way to change direction. Fortunately, your super powerful spring loaded jump still works, as does your jet pack. (Phewww!)

Shut down 2 out of the 5 core reactors in each nuclear power station to save each one from going into a state of meltdown. Press the safety shutdown buttons before time expires, avoiding vats of reactor coolant, hazardous electric currents and radioactive Gremlins.

Only you can save us from nuclear meltdown. Good'll need it!

The game features online leaderboards and achievements using Apple Game Center.

Originally developed by Momentum Games, the game has been converted to iPhone™ and iPod® touch by Intar Technologies Ltd, a UK developer with a long history of videogames development.

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